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Fuelled by rapid growth and demand for new products and low-cost services tailored to the consumer’s needs, market players face an increasing challenge to offer, innovate, and grow, while they must battle with significant regulatory and commercial challenges.

Our TMT group works on ground-breaking transactions in telecommunications, media and technology in Hungary. We have developed a broad base of expertise in regulatory aspects of market liberalization and consolidation, including M&A transactions and frequency tenders. We offer first-class legal responses to the 21st century challenges of the digital world. In the age of cloud computing, clients seek our advice on issues of data protection, e-commerce and interpretation of regulatory frameworks, such as the new media, telecommunication, and internet law in Hungary. As the Hungarian telecom sector has developed since 1990, our managing partner, Dr. Péter Lakatos has played a leading role in the development of the regulatory framework, through privatization, and in the market consolidation. He has represented some of Europe's leading telecommunication companies in Hungary. As a legal expert, Péter advised on Hungary's EU accession process and helped to create the legal framework of the telecom sector in several south-east European countries. Recently he advised on the legal aspects of the Hungarian TV digitalisation process.

For many years we have been involved in the development of a sophisticated document automation tools in different practice areas (security documents for finance, lease agreements in real estate, commercial agreements in corporate) customized to the Hungarian language. These innovations integrate well with the complex practice management system developed by us. This system, called TimeMind, is also used at other law firms in Hungary and well-known in the neighbouring countries, making it possible for us to become more cost effective in providing solutions for clients in transactions involving a large number of documents and at the same time, requiring fast responses and efficiency.


Dr. Péter Lakatos, Managing Partner, Head of TMT

Dr. Iván Sólyom
, Partner

Tel.: 0036 1 429 1300

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