Dr. Péter Köves receives “For the Lawyers - Pro Collegio Advocatorum” award

Dr. Péter Köves receives “For the Lawyers - Pro Collegio Advocatorum” award

We are happy to announce that our founding senior partner, Dr. Péter Köves received the “For the Lawyers - Pro Collegio Advocatorum” award by the Presidency of the Hungarian Bar Association. The Bar Association makes this award to lawyers, who show their commitment to the legal community by their exemplary public activities.

Péter was awarded the Eötvös Károly Prize in 2004 by the Budapest Bar Association and “The Lawyer” Award by the Hungarian Bar Association in 2006. He was granted the Great Cross of Austria by the President of Austria and the highest awards of the Bar of the Russian Federation and Poland. He has been actively engaged in the international lawyer public life for nearly 20 years. He has been a delegation member of Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), the umbrella organisation of the European Bar Associations and represents the Hungarian Bar Association in the Council of the International Bar Association (IBA). Péter was elected the president of CCBE in 2008 and held several positions on the Bar Issues Commission (BIC) of the IBA from 2012, and in 2019, he became BIC president and member of the Operative Board of IBA.

Dr. Péter Köves commented: “I am glad that my professional public activity has been acknowledged with this award. The reform of the legal system, the establishment of new legal instruments and the mentoring of young lawyers have always been among my priorities.  I am proud that most of our partners are homegrown and in addition, lawyers, who were trained here, now hold senior positions in law firms and big companies”

As a legal advisor Péter had a key role in introducing modern financial solutions into the Hungarian market. He was a pioneer of complex and structured finance legal technologies in Hungary, mainly in PPP and project finance, for which he was awarded by the Minister of Economy and Transport. He is a co-author of numerous banking and finance professional publications and the editor of the only PPP handbook published in Hungary.

Congratulations, Peter!

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