Law firm in Hungary

Law firm in Hungary

Lakatos, Köves and Partners is a law firm offering cutting edge know-how and solutions. We are the front-runners in implementing innovative approaches and solutions to help our clients to develop business and navigate through the challenges they face. In all fields, be it a courtroom, a negotiating table or our offices, we strive to reach the best legal advice for our clients. We are responsive, efficient, thorough and fast. Our goal is to provide the best legal advice in Budapest, Hungary.

Lawyers in Hungary

Lakatos, Köves and Partners is a team of committed and engaged lawyers who provide smart practical solutions for our clients. The founding partners have been active in Hungary and internationally since the early 1990s, witnessing and taking part in the 'ups and down' of the Hungarian business world. The firm’s practice has evolved  to meet the changing demands of clients and the market. Over the years the firm has advised on the development of new regulatory frameworks, on the introduction of financial products and structures new to the Hungarian market, on privatizations of assets in many sectors, on infrastructure project, on capital markets developments, on the first large private equity investments, on litigation,  financial restructuring, investment protection, just to name a few fields.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the remarkable service afforded by you & your team at Lakatos which made a significant mark in my career" Client

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are one of the largest law firms in Hungary to deal with mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In 2012, we advised on three of the five largest M&A transactions in Hungary. The practice continues on the path that it has been on since the early nineties. From the early days of the market economy, our firm has been at the forefront, acting on major transactions, infrastructure projects and private-public investments. The past twenty years have seen the accumulation of knowledge on all aspect of corporate transactions. We offer a comprehensive service to our clients; our specialists in different practice areas are  trained and experienced in sharing their special knowledge and working together in related fields, such as Real Estate and Finance, Tax and M&A, Banking and Consumer Protection.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

A large part of our work has been and remains litigation and dispute resolution. The past two decades have seen many examples of victories and benefits we delivered to our clients. Péter Lakatos and Péter Köves, who lead our practice, are among the most respected and most successful litigators in Hungary. Under their guidance, younger lawyers gain insight into the workings of the courts in Hungary and elsewhere.

Investment Protection

Investment Protection is one of the guiding principles of our practice. The rule of law and the defence of private property are our core values and the foundations of a market economy. Recently, our belief has been put to the test. We have helped clients seeking legal redress through international arbitration, Hungarian and European courts and ICSID. We also advise on appropriate structures to minimise risk and maximise protection of assets in the current environment. Wehave been involved in disputes resulting in either litigation or, in some cases, the sale back to the State or municipalities of previously privatised assets.